Hey guys! I wanted to talk about process for a sec. (sorry about always using the same page, I promise the next update will show new pages). Right now, I’m working on inking my pages, I draw everything out in with a mechanical pencil, then scan it into Photoshop for some slight revisions. Then I convert the drawing to blue and lighten the whole thing so that I can print it out without any background grays. This makes inking suuuper easy for me, I can just go over the blue lines without fear of smudging anything or having to erase anything out. The blue lines can be edited out in Photoshop after it’s scanned back in. (You just go to your channels panel and select out the blue, and just delete it). I’m inking the whole thing right now with my absolute favorite pen, the Pentel Brush pen, it’s great!

More updates soon guys!